Design Principles

The Bay Area STEM Ecosystem strives to:

  • Keep the learner at the center of the work by meeting them where they are. Allow for trial, error, and iteration in program design.

  • Embrace multiculturalism and diversity as an asset for STEM learning.

  • Use a cross-sector approach to engage community members who can help bring relevant STEM learning opportunities for learners, educators and all interested collaborative partners.

  • Enable all learners to achieve STEM literacy through access of a broad array of career pathways.

  • Recognize that learning can occur anywhere, both in and out of school.

  • Strive for equitable access to dynamic, innovative technology tools and resources for effective STEM learning.

  • Enable each partner to contribute their unique expertise and support to a learner-centered STEM ecosystem.

  • Cultivate leadership skills in youth that will sustain the Bay Area’s preeminence as a global competitor and a place of STEM innovation.

Learner at the Center